The Space Galaxy Orchestra ‎CD Music From Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace - Germany

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Label: Hallmark Music & Entertainment ‎– 311752
Format: CD
Pays: Germany
Sortie: 2000
Genre: Electronic, Classical, Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack
Code-barres: 5030073117522

Liste des titres:
1     Star Wars Main Title & The Arrival At Naboo     
2     Duel Of The Fates     
3     Anakin's Theme     
4     Jar Jar's Introduction & The Swim To Otoh Gunga     
5     The Sith Spacecraft & The Droid Battle     
6     The Trip To The Naboo Temple & The Audience With Boss Nass     
7     The Arrival At Tatooine & The Flag Parade     
8     He Is The Chosen One     
9     Anakin Defeats Sebulba     
10     Passage Through The Planet Core     
11     Watto's Deal & Kids At Play     
12     Panaka & The Queen's Protectors     
13     Queen Amidala & The Naboo Palace     
14     The Droid Invasion & The Appaerance Of Darth Maul     
15     Qui - Gon's Noble End     
16     The High Council Meeting & Qui - Gon's Funeral     
17     Augie's Great Municipal Band & End Credits

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