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Label: Epic ‎– SICP 31384~5, Epic ‎– SICP 31384, Epic ‎– SICP 31385
Série: Greatest Hits - Japanese Singles Collection
Format: CD, Compilation, Remastered, Stereo, Blu-spec CD2
DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC, Stereo, Mono
All Media, Limited Edition
Pays: Japan
Sortie: 11 Nov 2020
Genre: Pop
Code-barres: 4547366468502

Liste des titres:
CD-1     Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)     3:32
CD-2     Young Guns (Go For It!)     3:40
CD-3     Club Tropicana     4:29
CD-4     Bad Boys     3:21
CD-5     Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go     3:52
CD-6     Careless Whisper     5:03
CD-7     Freedom     5:17
CD-8     Last Christmas     4:24
CD-9     Everything She Wants (Remix)     5:32
CD-10     I'm Your Man     4:05
CD-11     The Edge Of Heaven     4:33
CD-12     Where Did Your Heart Go?     5:08
CD-13     Blue (Armed With Love)     3:55
CD-14     Bad Boys (Extended Club Mix)     4:58
CD-15     I'm Your Man (Extended Stimulation Mix)     6:54
CD-16     A Ray Of Sunshine (Specially Recorded For 'The Tube')     4:53
CD-17     Last Christmas (Instrumental)     4:25
DVD-1     Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)     3:30
DVD-2     Young Guns (Go For It!)     3:44
DVD-3     Club Tropicana     4:32
DVD-4     Bad Boys     3:23
DVD-5     Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go     3:54
DVD-6     Careless Whisper     5:03
DVD-7     Freedom     6:35
DVD-8     Last Christmas     4:39
DVD-9     Everything She Wants     6:38
DVD-10     I'm Your Man     5:37
DVD-11     The Edge Of Heaven     4:50
DVD-12     Where Did Your Heart Go?     5:17
DVD-13     I'm Your Man (Extended Stimulation Mix)     6:53
DVD-14     A Ray Of Sunshine (Live From "The Tube" 1983)     4:45
DVD-15     Freedom (Live On "Wogan" 1984)     4:20
DVD-16     Maxell カセットテープ「UD II」新登場 ハイビームサウンド篇 30秒 TV-CM (1984年)     0:32
DVD-17     Maxell カセットテープ「UD II」ダンシング「えっへん、ハイポジション」篇 30秒 TV-CM (1984年)     0:32
DVD-18     Maxell カセットテープ「UD Ⅰ/UD II」イラスト「耳がサンキュー!といった」篇 30秒 TV-CM (1985年)     0:32

Track 1 is from Wham! - Wham Rap!
Track 2 is from Wham* = ワム* - ヤング・ガンズ = Young Guns (Go For It)
Track 3 is from Wham! - Fantastic
Track 4 is from Wham! = ワム!* - バッド・ボーイズ = Bad Boys
Track 5 is from Wham! = ワム!* - ウキウキ・ウェイク・ミー・アップ = Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Track 6 is from Wham! = ワム!* Featuring George Michael = ジョージ・マイケル* - ケアレス・ウィスパー = Careless Whisper
Track 7 is from Wham! = ワム!* - Freedom = フリーダム
Track 8 is from ワム!* = Wham! - ラスト・クリスマス = Last Christmas
Track 9 Everything She Wants (7" Remix) is from Wham! = ワム!* - 恋のかけひき(リミックス・ヴァージョン) = Everything She Wants (Remix)
Track 10 is from Wham! = ワム!* - I'm Your Man = アイム・ユア・マン
Track 11 is from ワム!* = Wham !* - エッジ・オヴ・ヘヴン = The Edge Of Heaven
Track 12 is from Wham! = ワム!* - 哀愁のメキシコ = Where Did Your Heart Go?
Track 13 is from Wham! = ワム!* - Club Tropicana = クラブ・トロピカーナ
Track 14 is from Wham! - Bad Boys / Club Tropicana
Track 15 is from Wham! - I'm Your Man
Track 16 is from Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Track 17 is from US 30th Anniversary 12" Wham! - Last Christmas

CD track durations from booklet.

CD-1, CD-15, CD-16 marked as released on CD in Japan for the first time.
CD-17 marked as released on CD anywhere for the first time.
CD-1, CD-13, CD-14, CD-15, CD-16, CD-17 marked as bonus tracks.
DVD-2, DVD-4 marked as released on DVD in Japan for the first time.
DVD-13, DVD-14, DVD-15 marked as released on DVD anywhere for the first time.
DVD-2, DVD-4, DVD-14, DVD-15 marked as mono audio.

DVD NTSC Region 2

Initial Pre-orders came with a small A5 plastic folder

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